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Well fair enough there’s so much attention on the international climate change summit in Glasgow. But frankly the obsession on net-zero emissions by 2050 is largely political bullshit and a deliberate distraction from what’s really needed, because everyone following the science knows that we simply don’t have that long. The planet has already warmed dangerously and is on track for much, much worse way before 2050.

The IPCC reports this, and I don’t doubt that the Prime Minister and Opposition Leader well understand it, which makes their scheming avoidance of strong climate commitments for the next decade a shocking failure of governance set to lock in unconscionable and irreversible climate destruction.  Heaven help our kids and their kids.

What the Government and Opposition should be doing instead is committing to net-zero carbon as fast as possible, ie by 2030. And they should also be laying out the detailed roadmap to get there, including rapidly phasing out coal, gas and oil, and fast-tracking 100 per-cent renewables.

That’s what’s required, and required now. Anything less is just more political bullshit.