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Help with government services

I help people having difficulties with government agencies and services, including Centrelink, aged care, health, housing, the NDIS and veterans’ affairs. This might involve advocating on your behalf, relaying your concerns to the agency or minister responsible, or suggesting another organisation that can help.

For example:

  • Help dealing with Federal Government agencies including Centrelink, the NBN and the NDIS.
  • Assistance with state and local government matters.
  • Providing Australian, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander flags.
  • Arranging birthday (90+) and wedding anniversary (50+) messages from the King and/or the Governor-General, the Prime Minister, and Andrew.
  • Organising certificates of appreciation for those who served in the Australian Defence Force.
  • Supplying copies of the Constitution and portraits of the Monarch, CDs and DVDs of the national anthem, and books of Australian flags and symbols.
  • Providing notepads, calendars, no junk mail stickers and recycling guides.
  • Free Tax Help service for eligible low-income earners.

Visiting Parliament House in Canberra?

  • For school visits during a parliamentary sitting week, I can meet students and explain how things work. If your visit is on a non-sitting week, I can visit your school before or after your trip to explain how the process works.
  • For private visits, either myself or my staff might be able to show you around Parliament House and obtain tickets to Question Time.