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“New EMRS polling revealing that more than 60 per cent of Tasmanians oppose greyhound racing further highlights the need for this cruel industry to end. Add to the fact that this polling was conducted before greyhound trainer Anthony Bullock was handed a lifetime ban for using a pademelon tail as live bait, and it goes to show that the sport is strongly opposed by the community. Indeed my office is constantly contacted by members of the community who share their disgust and outrage at how the dogs are treated in the greyhound industry.

“Frankly it beggars belief that the State Government continues to prop up an industry which pushes precious animals to their limits and results in so much cruelty, injuries and premature deaths. Seems the Government is again more interested in bankrolling the gambling industry than acting with integrity.

“This funding of state-sanctioned cruelty would be better spent on health, housing and traffic congestion, among other things, rather than lining the pockets of the owners, breeders and trainers who mistreat their dogs and discard them when they are of no more use.

“The greyhound industry is cruel with many greyhounds being treated appallingly. It is high time the State Government ceased funding this cruelty and shut down the industry altogether. After all, the only way to end the cruelty is to end the industry.”