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Independent Member for Clark, Andrew Wilkie, delivered the following statement to the Federal Parliament. Please see above video for full speech.

“The Glenorchy War Memorial Pool has been a great source of pride for the community for some 60 years, providing people with a place to exercise, convalesce and have fun with family and friends. It’s no surprise then that many in the community are dismayed to hear that the pool is closed indefinitely due to safety concerns, and quite possibly is set to close permanently.

“The social and health benefits of the Glenorchy Pool cannot be overstated. Indeed swimming improves fitness and muscle strength, lowers stress levels, reduces anxiety and depression, and even improves brain function. Moreover many use the pool to connect with other people through squad training or just a casual swim. And of course let’s not forget the popular water slide that provides parents with hours of respite during school holidays.

“Other pools in greater Hobart are not a good alternative for many people in Glenorchy, not least because they simply can’t afford to get there. So the one they’ve got needs to be fixed and fixed urgently. But that will cost more than Glenorchy Council can afford, as much as $40 million according to Council. So I reiterate my August 2022 request to the Prime Minister for help, and call on all three levels of government to work together and make a splash by diving headfirst into saving the Glenorchy Pool.”