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48 Senators and MPs have signed a letter to United States Attorney-General, the Honourable Merrick Garland, to drop the extradition of Australian journalist Julian Assange. The letter was initiated by Independent Member for Clark, Andrew Wilkie, who co-chairs the Parliamentary Friends of Julian Assange Group.

“The widespread political concern for Julian Assange is a powerful reminder that this terrible saga has gone on for much too long and must be brought to an end,” Mr Wilkie said.

“The 48 Australian federal parliamentarians who put their name to the formal letter of concern, in concert with similar letters from parliamentarians from around the world, represents millions of constituents. This is no small matter and must not be dismissed.

“Nor should it be ignored that the outpouring of political concern spans the political spectrum and is based on a diverse range of reasons. This reflects how the injustice being endured by Julian Assange is so wrong on so many levels. It must be brought to an end.”