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Independent Member for Clark, Andrew Wilkie, delivered the following 90 second statement to the Parliament.

“Six weeks ago a healthy 7-year-old boy died on his way home from school when he was chased by Israeli soldiers. His little heart couldn’t take it and he was literally scared to death. And he’s not even among the 41 Palestinian children, who, just this year, have been directly killed by Israeli forces.

“No wonder the UN Human Rights Commission report released last month concluded that Israel’s occupation of Palestine is inherently illegal because, while military occupations are permitted temporarily, Israel has used it to thwart Palestinian self-determination for 55 years, stealing lands and natural resources.

“Moreover the UN Special Rapporteur’s report, also released last month, concluded previous peace processes had failed because they did not recognise Palestinian’s enduring subordinate status. She said ‘A breach of international law should not be subjected to negotiations, as this would legitimise what is illegal.’ The report even suggests that Israel’s actions could constitute apartheid. Mind you this term still doesn’t capture the inherent complexities and consequences of the illegal occupation of Palestine.

“It’s time for Australia and the world to scale up our response to this horrific situation. I do commend the Government’s reset on Jerusalem. But now we must also recognise Palestine, call for Israeli accountability in international courts, and compel Israel to allow Palestinians to have the most basic of rights, self-determination.”