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Independent Member for Clark, Andrew Wilkie, has welcomed the Albanese Government’s establishment of a long-overdue Royal Commission into the Robodebt scandal.

“It’s beyond time the full extent of the damage and harm the failed Robodebt scheme caused is thoroughly examined,” Mr Wilkie said. “Too many people were hurt, some even taking their own lives, for this matter to be consigned to history. There is also the worrying element that Robodebt is merely a symptom of a much bigger and ongoing systemic problem within Services Australia.

“Indeed, Centrelink debt notices are still being raised which in many cases seem to be unfounded. My office was among the first to raise the alarm about Robodebt and continues to take calls daily from people who are confused and distressed because they can’t get a straight answer from Centrelink about their debt or how it has been calculated.

“The hundreds of thousands of Australians who fell victim to this diabolical scam deserve answers and the only way to get them is through an exhaustive and well-resourced inquiry.”