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Independent Member for Clark, Andrew Wilkie, has called on the Victorian Government to release the findings of the Royal Commission into the Casino Operator and License immediately after being provided the report by her Excellency the Governor. The Victorian Government has indicated it won’t release the findings before the end of the month.

“This is the Royal Commission the Victorian Government did not want,” Mr Wilkie said. “Even though most of the crimes explored by the Royal Commission happened in Victoria, it took a NSW Royal Commission into Crown to shame the Victorian Government into action.

“Now it seems the Victorian Government wants two weeks to work out how to try and spin the findings of the Victorian Royal Commission. This Government should finally start telling the truth about Crown.”

Mr Wilkie also raised concerns that the findings are expected to be “market sensitive” and could be misused before their public release.

“One way or another, these findings will have a significant impact on Crown’s share price,” Mr Wilkie said. “Does the Victorian Government seriously believe that the findings won’t quietly leak out of Spring Street, distorting the share price?”

“The only correct action for Premier Andrews to take is to release the Royal Commission’s findings today. The Victorian and indeed Australian people deserve to start hearing the truth.”