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Independent Member for Clark, Andrew Wilkie, says the Victorian Royal Commission into Melbourne’s Crown Casino was the only credible option left open to the Victorian Government.

“While it’s good news, it is long overdue,” Mr Wilkie said. “For decades a series of Victorian governments, Liberal and Labor, have profited from the organised crime run out of the state’s only casino. Hopefully this inquiry will finally bring an end to that.”

The Royal Commission comes as the Victorian Casino regulator, the VCGLR, was set to consider whether Crown was fit to hold a casino licence in Victoria.

“Finally we have the promise of a truly independent judicial inquiry into alleged crimes at Crown,” Mr Wilkie said. “The VCGLR should never have been trusted to look at the licence issue because the Commission is a part of the problem. The same goes for Victoria Police, who have also turned a blind eye to the countless allegations levelled at Crown by me and others.

“A judicial inquiry can hopefully also get to the bottom of the political protection racket that has plagued this issue. While I make no allegation against any specific politician, I am in no doubt that some politicians have enjoyed a cosy relationship with Crown, and I don’t rule out some being guilty of criminal corruption.”