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The State Government’s concept designs for the new Bridgewater Bridge are astounding for what they don’t show, and that of course is provision for a railway line.

There is a compelling case for the establishment of light passenger rail in Hobart and there’s every chance it would cross the river and extend to the growth areas around Brighton. This would also provide a valuable transport service for the residents of suburbs like Gagebrook and Bridgewater who remain sadly neglected when it comes to public transport. Remember light rail is a cost effective way to link communities, reduce traffic congestion, lower the cost of living and help clean up the environment.

Provision for a future railway line on the new bridge would also keep alive the possibility of freight rail returning to Hobart. Frankly the Brighton transport hub is a dud, in particular because of the way it has greatly increased heavy traffic on the Brooker Highway and other Hobart roads.

In any case the State Government needs to get a move on. Federal funding for the bridge was announced years ago, but yet here we are with little more to show for it than some concept drawings.