The Independent Member for Denison, Andrew Wilkie, is releasing never-before-seen data about Tasmania’s most harmful poker machine pubs.

Venue by venue data is publicly released in other states, but not in Tasmania. Mr Wilkie obtained the information held by Treasury recently and is releasing it in the public interest.

“These are the figures the State Government did not want you to see,” Mr Wilkie said.

“This shocking data pinpoints Federal Group’s Elwick Hotel in Glenorchy as Tasmania’s ground zero for poker machine losses. Each poker machine there rakes in nearly $150,000 a year, more than three times the state average and much more than most Tasmanians could hope to earn. In other words $150,000 a year is lost to every poker machine at the Elwick Hotel, money that could have gone back into the local economy and supporting local businesses.

“These figures also show that the most money is lost overwhelmingly in the suburbs and the most disadvantaged communities. For example half of the top 10 poker machine pubs are in the Glenorchy community alone which loses $2 million a month on poker machines.

“And the data makes it abundantly clear that big business is the big winner from poker machine addiction. There’s nothing “lovable” about these “locals”. Federal Group’s Vantage Hotel Group own more than half of the top 20 while Woolworths’ ALH Group own a handful.

“I’m releasing these figures because the public have a right to know exactly how much money is harvested from the community by poker machines. The State Government must open its eyes to the scale of this problem and revisit its decision not to remove poker machines from hotels and clubs.”

A copy of the data is attached.

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