The Independent Member for Denison, Andrew Wilkie, will call on the State Government to do something about the noise and pollution from traffic on the Southern Outlet. He will be joined by a group of residents who live along the Outlet.

“Noise and pollution from traffic on the Southern Outlet has always been a problem,” Mr Wilkie said. “But recently it’s become worse, largely due to higher traffic volumes and in particular more log trucks.”

“In fact when I recently visited a group of residents, even during a period of light traffic the noise measured over 80 decibels and I could see toxic soot on people’s houses.

“There’s no shortage of possible solutions. These include erecting noise absorbing sound barriers, stricter standards on heavy vehicles, curfews, and a greater police presence including more speed cameras and other action to curb speeding on the Outlet.

“I’ve raised this issue with the State Government repeatedly but the residents’ concerns have fallen on deaf ears.

“I call on Premier Will Hodgman and Minister Rene Hidding to come here and see and hear for themselves. The fact that they’ve refused to act so far is a spectacular failure of governance and the long-suffering residents are the ones paying the price.”

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