Yet another light rail business case

Yet another light rail business case

14 August 2013

It seems that every time an election rolls around another business case for light rail is announced.

How much money has been spent on one flawed business cases after another for light rail when the value of the project has been self-evident from the very beginning?

Like the others before it, the $380,000 light rail business case announced by the Federal and State Governments today is flawed because it does not place light rail at the centre of an integrated public transport network servicing all of Hobart’s northern suburbs.

A passenger rail link which doesn’t service MONA, Claremont or the Austins Ferry-Granton growth corridor is always going to be a missed opportunity.

If Labor is serious about light rail it needs to genuinely commit to funding the whole project from Hobart’s waterfront to Brighton.

Restoration of passenger rail between Hobart and Brighton would link communities, reduce road congestion, save money and help clean up the environment. Labor’s Hobart-Glenorchy only light rail is a glorified model train set and will not deliver the holistic benefits of the full rail project.

It’s very disappointing that light rail continues to be the victim of go-slow and political opportunism. This project makes sense on every level and serious planning and construction should have begun years ago.


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August 14, 2013

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