Why won’t Glenorchy City Council listen to the community?

Why won’t Glenorchy City Council listen to the community?

The Independent Member for Denison, Andrew Wilkie, and Glenorchy City Council Alderman Kristie Johnston condemned Glenorchy City Council for ignoring the clear preference of Claremont community in regards to the controversial phone tower proposal.

Mr Wilkie has received a letter from the Glenorchy Mayor, Alderman Stuart Slade, making it clear the Council has decided to ignore the clear preference of the community for the exact siting of the tower, as expressed in the recent survey of Cadbury Estate residents.

Mr Wilkie conducted the survey over recent weeks and only 2% of respondents to the survey expressed a preference for the Council’s current location for the phone tower development.

Mr Wilkie said the Council’s attitude towards the Cadbury Estate community was disappointing.

“The proposed location of the Claremont phone tower was moved some 50 metres from a site amongst trees near the Cadbury’s Sports Ground tennis courts to out in the open right on the edge of the playing fields, apparently because the Council received a large petition protesting the first location.

“However the second site is much worse, and many of those same residents who signed the initial petition tell me that if the choice is between the two sites proposed, they much prefer the first one.

“The community’s preference for the first site is undeniable, and the Council is aware of that.

“I simply cannot understand what possible reason the Council could have for going ahead with the development in its current location, totally ignoring the residents who are actually going to have to live with this development in their backyard.

“The Council’s job is to represent the community. It’s way beyond time Glenorchy City Council started doing its job as far as the Claremont phone tower goes.”


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March 15, 2013

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