parliament_houseAndrew supports the amalgamation of Tasmania’s councils because 29 councils for a state of 500,000 people is too many. Reducing the number of councils would improve services and ease rate rises and should be a priority of the State Government.

Media release: A statement regarding local council mergers, 22 Jan 2013

monopoly_bankerMP expenses and allowances

Andrew supports a review and reform of parliamentary allowances.

Andrew believes that it would be clearly fraudulent for any parliamentarian to go on a trip mainly for private purposes, but to declare it as official and have taxpayers foot the bill. To get to the bottom of this he is campaigning for an audit of all parliamentarians’ travel for the last five years.

Media release: A statement on Bronwyn Bishop’s latest travel outrages, 1 Aug 2015

Media release: A statement on Bronwyn Bishop’s resignation as Speaker, 2 Aug 2015

Media release: Time for Finance Department to audit all pollies, 4 Aug 2015

Media release: Entitlements reform long overdue, 13 Oct 2016

Media release:“Entitlements” crackdown – Wilkie introduces bill to stop the rorts, 27 Feb 2017

Media release: A statement on the Government’s latest response to travel rorts, 10 Jan 2017

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