Government approves of animal cruelty

Government approves of animal cruelty

The Independent Member for Denison, Andrew Wilkie, will call on the Federal Government to ban live exports after the latest revelations of Australian cattle being sledgehammered to death and butchered alive in Vietnam.

“Last night on ABC TV’s 7.30, Australians witnessed more brutal and sickening treatment of Australian livestock in overseas torture chambers,’’ Mr Wilkie said.  “In slaughter houses in Vietnam, Animals Australia has more evidence of Australian cattle being sledgehammered to death, butchered alive and subjected to forced water injection to increase sale weight.

“The Australian Government and its Minister for Cruelty, Barnaby Joyce, should hang their heads in shame.

“Over and over again it’s been shown regulation has failed.   Yet Barnaby Joyce continues to turn a blind eye to this barbaric treatment and actually celebrates every growth in this vile trade.  It’s time to ban live exports once and for all.’’

 Despite countless episodes of cruelty, the Exporter Supply Chain Assurance System introduced five years ago to regulate the trade had resulted in not one live export company facing prosecution or having their export licence suspended.  “It’s a toothless tiger,’’ Mr Wilkie said.

 Mr Wilkie called on the Department of Agriculture to immediately suspend all export permits to Vietnam.  “The Department is only meant to grant export permits if it’s satisfied regulations will be complied with,’’ he said.  “This latest display of cruelty is a clear case to suspend the export of livestock to Vietnam.’’

 Mr Wilkie has made five legislative attempts to ban or restrict live exports and will continue to work to end the trade.  “Live exports are systematically cruel, not in Australia’s economic self-interest and lack popular support,’’ he said.




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June 17, 2016

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