Glenorchy jobs

Glenorchy jobs

That the Prime Minister today refused to commit to spend in Glenorchy the $16 million previously earmarked for Cadbury, in response to a question from me in Parliament, just goes to show how both major parties are failing the people of Glenorchy.

The fact is that prior to the 2013 election, the Liberal Party identified an urgent need for $16 million of economic stimulus in the Glenorchy area specifically. But now the money is being spent elsewhere in Tasmania. In other words the Liberal Party has given up on creating jobs in Glenorchy.

And the fact that the Labor Party supports spending the money elsewhere means they are equally happy to give up on creating jobs in Glenorchy.

This is a betrayal of the Glenorchy community and another shameful case of politics being put above the public interest. It just goes to show that Labor and Liberal are just as bad as each other when it comes to jobs and are more interested in winning votes in Bass, Braddon and Lyons.


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September 16, 2015

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