Foreign Affairs and Trade

chamberAndrew opposes the death penalty and believes the fact that other countries still think it’s okay to execute people is a shocking abuse of the power of the state, deeply unethical and entirely fruitless as a deterrent to crime.

faAndrew believes that Australia is a rich country and can afford to give its fair share of aid to the world’s poorest. He supports an increase to at least 0.7% of gross national income to overseas aid, which was the Government’s commitment in 2000. He has spoken out repeatedly against cuts to the aid budget by both Labor and Coalition governments.

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tppAndrew does not support the Trans-Pacific Partnership. Leaked documents have shown that the agreement would result in higher costs for medicine and watered-down environmental standards. But perhaps the most alarming of all are the proposed Investor-State Dispute Settlement (ISDS) provisions which would open up Australian governments to damaging lawsuits from foreign companies. Tasmania is particularly vulnerable due to its high quarantine standards and GMO-free status.

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