The benefits of early education for children are clear. Andrew supports better wages for workers in the sector, including for those who are providing family day care. He supported the previous Government’s Early Years Quality Fund which would have seen better wages for early childhood educators and was disappointed when the current Government abolished the Fund.

Media release: Time to look after those who look after our little ones, 27 Feb 2013

Speech on Early Years Quality Fund bill, 25 Jun 2013

Australia is capable of having the best schools in the world yet our global standing is falling. Andrew supports the Gonski recommendations, in particular the need to increase education spending by at least $5b a year.

Andrew is critical of the State Government’s cuts to education which have led to bigger class sizes, fewer teachers and cuts to programs and services. He opposes forced school closures.

Speech on Gonski education reforms, 3 Jun 2013

Media release: Wilkie welcomes new school money, 9 Jul 2013

Media release: A statement on State Government education cuts, 26 Nov 2014

Media release: Gonski funds must go the classroom, 20 Mar 2015

Speech to the Federal Parliament: Andrew discusses the need for the full Gonski to be funded, 16 May 2017

Andrew supports the reinstatement of “fee-free” undergraduate study for Australian citizens.

He believes the deregulation of university fees will make study more expensive, less accessible and will harm smaller and regional universities, like UTAS.

Andrew has been an outspoken critic of both Labor and Liberal cuts to universities and will continue to advocate for increased public funding in higher education. He supported the National Tertiary Education Union’s “dumb cuts” campaign.

Andrew has lobbied the Government to establish an ombudsman to investigate suspected contraventions of fair practices, workplace laws, awards and contracts in the tertiary education sector.

Media release: A statement on the university funding cuts, 13 Apr 2013

Media release: University education too important to cut, 14 May 2013

Media release: Fair go for future Tassie docs, 30 Jul 2013

Speech on tertiary education, 3 Dec 2013

Media release: Indies converge on regional university meeting, 2 Feb 2015

Speech on the Government’s higher education reforms, 24 Feb 2015

Media release: Pyne holds UTAS to ransom, 26 Mar 2015

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