Denison remains on Canberra radar

I welcome the Prime Minister’s announcement of a Hobart City Deal today. It’s good to see that the Denison electorate remains on Canberra’s radar.

This announcement is a victory for the great many people who’ve campaigned for a City Deal. I’ve certainly lobbied the Prime Minister about it on a number of occasions, both publicly and privately. In particular the relocation of the University of Tasmania’s STEM facility and a Hobart transport strategy, which could include a northern suburbs light rail, would be a great benefit to the city.

It’s unfortunate that it takes a state election to draw out this announcement, but that’s just the nature of our cynical political culture these days.

The announcement today is just the start because the City Deal itself doesn’t actually contain any funding commitments. It’s now up to the Federal and State Governments to commit to fund and deliver these important projects in a timely manner.


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January 16, 2018

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