radioAndrew believes that Hobart should have digital radio like other state capitals and has lobbied the Government to commit to a full rollout in Hobart as soon as possible. He also believes that community radio should play an important role in any planning, trial and extension of digital radio to Tasmania.

Media release: Tasmania not getting a fair go with digital community radio, 31 Oct 2016

big-brother-poster-featureAndrew has not supported internet filtering as he believes it is inconsistent with the nature of the internet and probably unachievable technically, not least because of the increasing popularity of virtual private networks. He believes instead that web users should be protected by commercially available filter software, as well as effective law enforcement against those who misuse the web.

That said, Andrew is interested to see that the United Kingdom is rolling out a number of internet child protection measures including opt-out subject to age verification. He intends to explore such ideas further to see where there might be common ground between the nature of the internet and the need to protect people and in particular children.

nbnAndrew supports a full fibre to the premises rollout of the NBN and is disappointed with the Government’s inferior plan to concentrate on fibre to the node. He is also disappointed that the rollout is moving at a glacial pace and that so many parts of Denison are still to be connected, and repeatedly lobbied the Government and asked questions in Parliament to try to remedy the situation.

Media release: Waiting for the NBN – common sense must prevail, 26 Nov 2013

Question to the Communications Minister, 24 Feb 2014

Media release: Wilkie meets with Turnbull about NBN rollout, 27 Jul 2014

Media release: NBN rollout moves at glacial pace, 1 Dec 2014

Question to the Communications Minister, 26 Feb 2015

Media release: People of Denison promised timelines on the NBN, 26 Feb 2015

phonetowersAndrew believes that phone towers are important and need to be built, but that too many are being badly sited and built with little community consultation. He has introduced two Private Members’ Bills – one in 2011 and another in 2014 – that would give communities greater say in where phone towers are built. He has also been involved in community actions against badly sited phone towers in Sandy Bay, Claremont and Glenorchy.

Telecommunications Amendment (Enhancing Community Consultation) Bill 2011, introduced 19 Sep 2011

Media release: Disregard for community, conflict of interest and poor process – Claremont phone tower saga continues, 10 Feb 2013

Media release: Dodgy business: The story of one phone tower and Glenorchy City Council, 19 Feb 2013

Media release: Wilkie takes phone tower fight to Council, 4 Mar 2013

Media release: Why won’t Glenorchy City Council listen to the community?, 15 Mar 2013

Media release: Giving the community rights on phone towers, 27 Oct 2014

Telecommunications Amendment (Giving the Community Rights on Phone Towers) Bill 2014, introduced 27 Oct 2014

ABC_SBSAndrew strongly supports the ABC and SBS and believes in the need for independent and well-resourced public broadcasters. He voted against the Appropriation Bills in 2014 that contained cuts to the ABC and SBS and takes every opportunity to defend the public broadcasters’ independence against attacks from the Government.

Media release: A statement on additional ABC cuts, 18 Nov 2014

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