“Big” CSIRO announcement just smoke and mirrors

“Big” CSIRO announcement just smoke and mirrors

The Independent Member for Denison, Andrew Wilkie, discussed CSIRO’s announcement of a new climate change research centre in Hobart.

“It’s good news CSIRO is establishing a new long-term climate change research centre in Hobart, and good news that it will reportedly create 40 full-time jobs,” Mr Wilkie said.

“But the fact is that this is nothing but smoke and mirrors and reflects a Federal Government in crisis on science and research. It’s obvious that this development has only happened due to the enormous public uproar and political pressure on account of round after round of job cuts at CSIRO.

“There’s still the issue of the almost 200 CSIRO jobs that have been lost in Tasmania in recent years under this and the previous Labor federal governments. And additional net losses this year could still add up to some 60 positions even after today’s good news.

“Hobart’s reputation as a global centre of excellence for science and research is at risk. And let’s not forget that every one of these people involved is a human being with a family, bills to pay and professional development to pursue. A succession of job cuts have had a devastating effect on them and the wider community.”


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April 26, 2016

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