Asylum Seekers

boatpeople2Andrew believes Australia should give protection to people genuinely fleeing persecution. Any credible policy must be regional, fully sanctioned by the United Nations and address issues in source countries, countries of first asylum and transit countries.

Andrew has introduced legislation to Federal Parliament to improve Australia’s response to asylum seekers. The first Bill would end mandatory detention, offshore processing and temporary protection visas. The second Bill would restore merits review of asylum seekers with adverse ASIO security assessments.

Statement regarding asylum seekers, 26 Mar 2013

Media release: Manus Island bloodshed, 18 Feb 2014

Media release: Diary of a Manus Island guard: “They went into tribal mode”, 1 May 2014

Migration Amendment (Ending the Nation’s Shame) Bill 2014, introduced 26 May 2014

Australian Security Intelligence Organisation Amendment (Restoring Merits Review) Bill 2014, introduced 1 Sep 2014

Media release: Case against Australia builds at the Hague, 1 Nov 2015

Media release: Government thinks some kids less precious than others, 16 Mar 2015

Question to the Prime Minister on children being sent to Nauru, 16 Mar 2015

Media release: PM dodges questions on sending kids in detention back to Nauru, 16 Mar 2015

Media release: Wilkie only Member of Parliament to vote against offshore processing, 24 Jun 2015

Media release: Sending kids to Nauru is a crime – ICC at the Hague notified of latest outrage, 11 Feb 2016

Attempted censure of the Immigration Minister, 22 Feb 2016

The Wilkie Report, 29 Feb 2016

Media release: Manus Island more illegal than ever, 26 Apr 2016

Screen Shot 2016-03-16 at 9.41.50 AMAndrew has asked the International Criminal Court (ICC) to initiate an investigation into the Government in accordance with Article 15(1) of the Rome Statute for their treatment of asylum seekers. He has submitted to the ICC that the Government are committing crimes against humanity contrary to Article 7 of the Rome Statute, including indefinite detention without charge, deportation to dangerous countries of origin or third countries, and detention in inhuman conditions.

Since October 2014 he has consistently pressed his case with the ICC.

Initial letter, 22 Oct 2014

Request for meeting with Prosecutor, 24 Nov 2014

Follow-up to initial letter and meeting request, 15 Jan 2015

Communique for the Prosecutor, 23 Jan 2015

Letter to the African Union Commission, 11 May 2015

Letter drawing the Prosecutor’s attention to the Government’s payment of people smugglers, 6 Jul 2015

Letter about sending 267 asylum seekers back to Nauru, 10 Feb 2016

<Letter about the closure of Manus Island, 13 May 2016

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