Arts funding cuts must be reversed

Arts funding cuts must be reversed

03 September 2015

The Federal Government’s decision to cut $104 million from the Australia Council for the Arts in order to establish the National Program for Excellence in the Arts is ill-considered and must be reversed.

This decision disproportionately harms small and medium arts organisations, and in fact the only arts organisation in Tasmania that has been guaranteed funding under the new arrangements is the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra.

Small and medium arts organisations are concerned about what impact these cuts will have. They are unable to plan for the future and they fear that the projects they have built up over the years are about to be lost.

The Tasmanian arts community is more vibrant and dynamic than ever, but it has not yet achieved its full potential.

Tassie arts need a better deal and I call on the Minister for the Arts to reverse these cuts.

I have already raised this matter in the Parliament and with Arts Minister George Brandis. Hopefully the Senate Committee can now see the sense in the Government overturning its funding decision.


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September 3, 2015

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