A statement regarding the possible bribery of politicians

A statement regarding the possible bribery of politicians

08 October 2015

This afternoon I referred to a range of Commonwealth and New South Wales agencies allegations of poker machine industry bribery of Members of Parliament.

Serious crimes could have been committed by a number of people according to revelations on the ABC TV 7.30 program on Tuesday 6 October. I am referring the matter to multiple agencies because the circumstances are now so unclear there is doubt over exactly which jurisdiction and investigative body is most relevant given all of the claims, counter-claims and altered testimonies.

Peter Garrett is a credible witness and his initial claim of being offered a bribe by the poker machine industry carries great weight. Equally relevant is the history of the pokies industry in Australia which is littered with episodes of unscrupulous behaviour. In my opinion for them to be going around bribing politicians wouldn’t surprise me at all.

Even more worrying is the suggestion on 7.30 that a number of federal and state politicians have accepted, or at least been offered, bribes by the poker machine industry. If this is true then there is a systemic scandal of enormous proportions. Without an official investigation we seem unlikely to get to the bottom of what is potentially a most serious matter.

Copies of the letters to the Australian Federal Police, NSW Police, NSW Independent Commission Against Corruption, Australian Electoral Commission and the NSW Electoral Commission are attached.



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October 8, 2015

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