A statement regarding the Coalition’s cruel aid cuts

A statement regarding the Coalition’s cruel aid cuts

The Government’s decision to cut foreign aid is cruel and ill-considered.

Foreign aid helps the very poorest people in some of the most disadvantaged countries. Taking money from them is simply unconscionable.

It’s also in Australia’s interest to help build capacity and stability in all countries. Providing aid to a recipient nation can also create disproportionate benefit to the surrounding region.

Reducing foreign aid is a betrayal of the Australian people as it breaks the promise of successive governments to honour our international obligations.

The original Howard Government target of 0.7 percent of Gross National Income going to Official Development Assistance was well-considered and achievable.

The fact that our current Government is not working towards this target shows little regard for honouring our commitments and little regard for the people who rely on us.

I call on the Federal Government to reconsider its decision and increase the foreign aid budget.


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January 20, 2014

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