A statement on more Cadbury job losses

A statement on more Cadbury job losses

01 October 2015

The news today that Cadbury is sacking another 11 workers at its Claremont facility is another big blow for the local community. The Glenorchy area already has a high and persistent unemployment rate and more job losses will hit hard.

Today’s news should remind us of the Federal Government’s broken promise to invest $16m of economic stimulus in the Glenorchy community. The Liberal Party was happy to say before the last election whatever it thought would win votes. And the Labor Party is just as bad because it has no objection to the stimulus spending being pulled from Glenorchy. It is no excuse that Cadbury decided not to go ahead with a new visitor centre because the $16m could just as easily have been spent elsewhere in Glenorchy.

However the most important thing to remember right now is that this is an intensely human story because people need a job to pay their bills and to feel good about themselves. Whole families will be affected, including children, and I would have thought Cadbury could have shown greater loyalty to the staff that have been loyal to it.


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October 1, 2015

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