The Independent Member for Denison, Andrew Wilkie, will be available for comment following the full bench of the High Court’s hearing today on the same-sex marriage postal vote. He will be joined by fellow plaintiffs Shelley Argent OAM and Felicity Marlowe, as well as representatives from the related case brought by the Human Rights Law Centre.

The hearing will continue tomorrow, Wednesday 6 September, from 10:15am to 4:15pm. It is hoped that the High Court will make a decision by the end of the week.

“I remain optimistic that the High Court will rule in our favour and strike down the Government’s unnecessary, wasteful and harmful postal vote on marriage equality,” Mr Wilkie said.

“This is as much about the Federal Government exceeding its powers as it is about marriage equality. In essence we are arguing that the Government is attempting to spend $122m on the postal vote without parliamentary approval.

“We’re also arguing that the Government does not have the power to direct the Australian Bureau of Statistics to conduct the postal vote because the activity is outside its legal mandate.

“If we succeed in the High Court, there will be enormous pressure on the Government to stop the political game-playing, do their jobs and let MPs vote on marriage equality. Let’s not forget that a postal vote wasn’t necessary when the Howard government changed the Marriage Act in 2004 to limit marriage to between a man and a woman and it’s not necessary now.”

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