It was disappointing that the Prime Minister did not commit to intervene to rein in Tasmanian petrol and LPG prices, in response to my question today in Parliament.

While it’s good that I’ve been able to put the issue on the Prime Minister’s radar and the measures he outlined, for instance asking the ACCC to monitor prices, introducing an effects test and boosting the Freight Equalisation Scheme, are a start, regrettably they don’t go nearly far enough to protect Tasmanian petrol and LPG consumers.

Quite frankly energy security and affordability is too important to leave to the market. A hands-off approach won’t help ordinary Tasmanians who are struggling.

Given the Prime Minister has intervened in other areas of energy policy, there is simply no good reason why he shouldn’t intervene in this case and do something about the absurd prices that Tasmanians are being slugged for petrol and LPG.

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