The Independent Member for Denison, Andrew Wilkie, discussed today’s closure of the Manus Island detention centre in PNG.

“Make no mistakes – today’s botched closure of the Manus Island detention centre is not good news for the nearly 750 men imprisoned there,” Mr Wilkie said.

“The Australian Government is cruelly cutting off electricity, water and food to the detainees and withdrawing medical care and trauma support.

“The Government would have us believe that these men will be transferred to other facilities and all will be well. But the other facilities are unsafe and lack basic medical facilities. What’s more many people fear for their safety because of recent violent incidents in the community.

“If the Australian Government is going to lock people up in these camps they at least have a duty of care to ensure that they are treated humanely and have access to basic medical facilities. The only safe option is for every man in detention on Manus Island, and every man, woman and child on Nauru, to immediately be brought to Australia so their claims can be processed and they can be given refuge if their claims are genuine.”

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