The Independent Member for Denison, Andrew Wilkie, will this morning introduce another Private Member’s Bill that would wind down the live export trade, and in the interim put in place animal welfare safeguards.

“Live export is systemically cruel, lacks popular support and is not in Australia’s economic self-interest,” Mr Wilkie said. “It’s beyond time that the trade was shut down.

“But instead the Government is trumpeting the expansion of this cruel industry. For example just this year we’ve seen a new deal reached with Indonesia and the expansion of the trade into China.

“The Labor Party is no better and in fact they’ve sided with the Government to refuse debate on this issue nearly every time I’ve tried to raise it in the Parliament.

“This is my sixth bill that seeks to address the cruelty in the live export trade and the fourth that would shut it down completely. I will keep fighting for reform until this abomination is stopped.

“More broadly animal cruelty continues in any number of ways, for example in greyhound racing, thoroughbred racing, puppy farms and industrial hen and pig production. This why we urgently need an independent Office of Animal Welfare to investigate these issues and punish those people and organisations who would treat animals cruelly.”

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