The Independent Member for Denison, Andrew Wilkie, will be joined by Senator Nick Xenophon to discuss the Labor and Liberal parties’ scandalous refusal to support a parliamentary inquiry into the latest allegations about the poker machine industry.

“Surely this is all the proof we need that the two major parties are beholden to the poker machine industry,” Mr Wilkie said.

“The allegations that I tabled yesterday were most serious and a parliamentary inquiry is needed to get to the bottom of them. But the fact that both the Labor and Liberal parties refuse to support such an inquiry is a shocking betrayal of the public interest.

“The major parties are being dishonest when they say this is a matter for the Victorian Government alone because the allegations include offences under federal law. Moreover the state and territory governments have shown themselves to be incapable of effective gambling oversight and regulation, not least because they’re deeply conflicted by being recipients of gambling taxes.

“No wonder voters are moving away from the major parties in droves when this is how they behave. The Labor and Liberal parties should hang their heads in shame for their pathetic kowtowing to the poker machine industry.

“Being obsequious is not leadership.”

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