The Independent Member for Denison, Andrew Wilkie, will urge the State Government to develop a detailed strategy for greater Hobart to prevent intergenerational planning disasters that would ruin the city and its surrounds.

“Hobart is facing an unprecedented number of big planning questions including whether to allow a cable car up the mountain, how best to develop Macquarie Point, whether to invest in light rail, how high to allow buildings, further development at MONA, UTas’s expansion into the city, and how to reduce traffic congestion,’’ Mr Wilkie said.

“Yet the State Government is asleep at the wheel and leaving the capital city exposed to bad development and ad-hoc urban planning because there is no visionary and holistic blueprint for greater Hobart.

“Previous Labor governments must share the blame with the Hodgman Government for this bottom-up approach to planning. You would not build a house without a plan, yet the Government is content to sit back and watch Hobart grow in a haphazard way.

“The world has woken up to the unique charm and beauty of Hobart and there is unprecedented development, investment and interest in the capital. It’s not good enough for the State Government to continue its hands-off approach to planning because this job is beyond the scope of local councils and courtrooms.

“It’s not enough for the Premier to be offering personal opinions about proposed skyscrapers. It’s time Will Hodgman rolled up his sleeves and showed some leadership and vision for the capital city.”

Mr Wilkie said a Hobart metropolitan strategy along the lines of Melbourne 2030 would help address urban sprawl, population growth and traffic congestion and set height limits to deal with high-rise development proposals.

“These issues cross council boundaries and have to be dealt with at a State Government level,” Mr Wilkie said. “Hobart is already a great place to live, and with a metropolitan strategy it can ride the boom to remain one of the most liveable cities in the world.”

Mr Wilkie said a Hobart metropolitan strategy would also improve the likelihood of a Hobart city deal from the Federal Government to fund light rail and continue the expansion of the University of Tasmania into the city with the STEM project.

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