I condemn the Federal Government for refusing to order the Australian Federal Police to reinstate a permanent presence at Hobart Airport.

The simple facts are that Australia’s terrorism threat is from home-grown extremists who are looking for soft and high-profile targets to attack, of which Hobart Airport is an example. It beggars belief there is no permanent police presence of any kind.

It is no excuse that Hobart is not a regular international airport because the would-be terrorists we are concerned about are radicalised Australians and already among us.

The Government’s attitude also reflects a contempt for Tasmania and Tasmanians, something made all the more evident by the fact that Hobart is the only capital city airport without a permanent AFP presence.

Frankly, in the circumstances with all that we know and all the warnings that have been given, if there is a tragic incident at Hobart Airport then the blood will be on this Federal Government’s hands.

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