The Government’s decision to cancel parliament is scandalous and reminiscent of a tin-pot dictatorship. There’s plenty of work for the House of Representatives to go on with while the Senate considers the Marriage Equality Bill, in particular sorting out the citizenship fiasco.

However I will not attend Canberra next Monday, like the ALP and some cross-benchers, because it would be a waste of taxpayers’ money. Instead I’ll take the opportunity to keep working in my community and stay well clear of the ridiculous political nonsense going on in Canberra.

In regards to my decision not to travel to Canberra next Monday, I have advice from the Clerk of the House of Representatives that no one outside the Government can force a sitting of parliament. The ALP and some cross-benchers going to Canberra have no hope of forcing parliament to sit. I have judged this exercise an expensive stunt.

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