The Independent Member for Denison, Andrew Wilkie, will this morning introduce a Private Member’s Bill to crack down on the misuse of parliamentary allowances.

“One thing we learned from the Bronwyn Bishop saga in 2015, and the episode involving Sussan Ley earlier this year, is that the community is sick and tired of politicians tripping around the country at taxpayer expense principally for private purposes.

“The Government has announced that it will create a new body to oversee parliamentary expenses and will finally implement the 36 recommendations of the Conde-Tune review. But this is too little too late.

“My bill would force an audit of all parliamentarians’ travel claims from the 2013 election to the present, and then require annual audits after that.

“It would require parliamentarians to list all substantive activities – work-related and private – that they undertake while on official travel. This would mean that politicians can no longer trip around the country principally for private purposes and dress it up as official travel.

“The bill will also require that when a parliamentarian misuses work expenses, then the matter will be referred to law enforcement. The misuse of work expenses is a criminal matter and should be treated as such.”

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